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 Party Boat Rentals | Party Barge Rentals | Yacht Charters

Party Boat Rentals Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, DFW, North Texas, Metroplex.

There are only a few registered Large Party Boat Operators on area lakes, With the ability to carry 15, 20, 50, 100+ passengers.

Below find a list of companies and compare what the difference is in the crafts, prices, information.

Please get the proper boat for the occasion as too many people are hiring the wrong boat

trying to save a few dollars or expect it to be something it is not!


Choosing Between Party Boat or a Party Barge, what is the difference?


Large Party Boat Rentals are basically 2 categories:

Large Party Boats / Barges rated 1 to 50 passengers


Larger Party Boats / Barges rated over 51 passengers -

Boat prices increase 3 to 4 times when you rent a boat that can carry over 50 passengers.


Shopping for a large Party Boat? What are you really getting for your money?

Large Party Boats come in different sizes and styles in the Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW, Texas Area: Motor Boats, Sail Boats and Barges, rated for 20, 50 or 100+ passengers. Hulls are single hull (mono-hull) or multi-hulls (Catamarans), with Catamarans being the most stable and smoothest ride. Barges in this area use square dock flotation to float the craft, making it very slow, causing it to be restricted to one area, or spending all your time just getting somewhere. Individuals or businesses with a 30' boat or larger for hire with a driver have legal requirements--min. $300,000 in liability insurance, boat / vessel must be inspected every year by TWPD, a State of Texas Commercial Party Boat Operator's License or US Coast Guard Captain License by one of the crew, all crew must have the boater's safety certificate, 1 crewman required per 25 passengers, life vests for all passengers and crew plus safety equipment.

Ask to see their license, go in confidence safety should be number 1.

Party Boat Rentals | Party Barge Rentals | Yacht Charters

(please click on the links below for price and information)

JT's Party Boat Rentals - Lake Lewisville -

Established in Spring 2002 - Spring 2016 Lake Lewisville

 It Is Now Official …

JT’s Boat Rentals Is Under New Ownership!

JT’s Boat Rentals was established in the spring of 2002 to spring 2016

It has been a great ride for 15 seasons so 

Captain Joe and Toni want to thank everyone for a great experience.

We have decided to retire after this season, 

but the boats will now be operating out of Hidden Cove Park.

As of May 7, 2016

JT’s Party Boats are now part of the Sam’s Dock Watercraft Rentals.

JT’s will work with Sam’s Dock Watercraft to help 

make a smooth transition for all of our great customers.



Big D Cats Maxi Catamaran Chamonix II  - Established in 2007 - Lake Lewisville - Pier 121

(Please click on the link above for Company Website, Price and Information)

Groups 51 up to 100 passengers

Chamonix II is a 2004 70-foot Gold Coast Catamaran with 2,380 square feet of party space. U.S. Coast Guard certified for 105 passengers. Chamonix II offers a safe, spacious environment for guests of all ages to experience the joy of catamaran sailing.  At 70 x 32 ft., Chamonix II is the Largest Sailing Catamaran in the State of Texas! This boat is the best boat for groups of 50 - 100 people. High winds? Not to worry as the boat is designed for the ocean, and the driver is a USCG-certified Captain.  No wind, no problem with twin engines. When spending more money on a larger vessel and organizing this large of a group, you want to know they won't cancel your reservation when other companies have to because it is unsafe to go out with high winds and waves on others' smaller boats.

The pricing is based on the date and time of the event.



Just For Fun  - Established in DFW 1999 - Lake lewisville Only

(Please click on the link above for Company Website, Price and Information)

Lake Lewisville @ Sneaky Pete's - I-35E @ Garden Ridge 454B exit

Note: Pier 121 & Lake Grapevine Locations Are Closed


Very basic Single Engine Barges, rated 50 passengers, a 40' x 14' (inside fenced area) two story floating dock with 1 - 60hp or 90hp engine, slide, minimum sound system, minimum lighting for night time, just goes a short distance off shore/dock and anchors, best for college parties and young groups, swim and rough house parties, Not Entertaining.



Sail with Scott - Lake Ray Hubbard

(Please click on the link above for Company Website, Price and Information)

Private Cruise Times and Charges:

All cruises last 1-1/2 hour ONLY, You may book back-to-back cruises if your group wants more time.

Seawolf, Nice 40' Sail Catamaran, rated 1 to 49 passengers.


There is a boat for everyone or every event, the choice is yours:

Don't care all you want to do is go a short distance off shore, swim, get drunk, rough house and Do Not expect to cruise around or need anything nice, The Barge will work, it is very basic. Be realistic...if a 40' party barge only has a single engine and square dock blocks for floatation, don't be surprised or get mad that it is slow (even when empty) and found a short distance from their dock, it is a floating dock and not designed to go anywhere far from the docks.

BUT if you want to look good, have nice, safe, clean equipment and cruise around the lake and make a good impression to friends and family, then a Party Boat will work for you. Either Way Enjoy and Be Safe on Our Lakes.


Don't Be The Pain In The Boat!

Most companies are trying to make an honest living with a large investment and liability. Unruly behavior, confrontation with any crew member, fighting, jumping off the boat without the crew’s permission, drunk and disorderly conduct, trashing of the boat or equipment, etc. Is Not Tolerated and can result in early termination of the charter and you lose your money.


What is the difference between Party Boats and Party Barges?

Party Boats / Yachts are Safe, Catamarans being the safest and most stable and can go out on windy days, more upscale, classy, have more amenities and Can Cruise around the lake with Single or Twin Engines, Sail or a combination of Sail w/engine. Clean toilets, nice flooring & built-in seats with party lights for night-time cruising. Dallas has an average of 11 miles per hour of wind each day, making motor or sail catamarans the best choice, safest and least likely to cancel your trip. Do you want to look good, cruise around the lake in a safe and stable boat and make a good impression to friends and family or maybe you want to cruise to the party cove to swim and not spend all you time getting there. Make a good impression to friends and family, then this is the boat for you. Great For Entertaining!


Party Barges, these are basically homemade, a very slow-moving floating dock and in this area a single 60 or 90Hp engine--very basic and not impressive but it floats. The radio may or may not work (might have to bring your own). Be realistic if a 40' party barge only has a single 60 or 90Hp engine, square blocks for floatation and 30 - 50 people onboard don't be surprised or get mad that it is slow, it is a floating dock and not designed to go anywhere. These barges are usually found a short distance from their dock or a lot of time is spent just getting somewhere. Seating is on plastic chairs that can break or tip over. Water laps over the floatation or the front of the craft, getting people wet. They have double decks and allow people to jump off the top, think about it you have been drinking, stairs get wet and the waves rocking the craft and you are falling up or down the stairs or with all the trees in the lake and you cannot see below the surface and jumping off? Don't care all you want to do is go a short distance off shore and swim, rough house and do not expect to cruise around or need anything fancy, the floating dock is best for college parties and young groups, Not Entertaining. It is what it is, a floating dock.


Large House Boat / Barge is a flat bottom boat or a barge and is restricted, these barges cannot go out on windy days(15+mph), they are very hard to control, often cancelling your trip or will just go a short distance from their dock or just stay at the dock.



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