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Mike Ball Dive Expeditions - We are proud of our world wide reputation for diving Australia, the exceptional diving provided on our liveaboard Cairns based dive service to the great barrier reef and the coral sea. It is our attention to detail that sets us apart.

Date: 11 November, 2005

Vessel: Spoilsport

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef and at the Yongala doesn't get much better than what we've had over the last 3 days. Our first day was spent at the world class Wheeler Reef. the morning was spent at Student Bommie, with turtles, sharks and barracuda cruising in amongst the pristine hard coral and lagoon rays feeding in the beautiful white sand. The it was off to the Garden of Eden, another site on Wheeler Reef which is just covered in bait fish - millions of them! The Amphitheatre was discovered by the terrible trio of Mike, Vic and Jen - a swim through opening up into a cavern thick with life; sponges, corals and bait fish. And who could not forget about 'Raysville', an area where 25+ mobula cruised, flying in loose formation around the divers again and again, silhouetted by the setting sun. There's not many sites that could surpass our 1st days diving - the SS Yongala being one of the very few! We spent a day and a half diving this spectacular site and with manta rays, eagle rays, bull sharks, guitar fish, huge Maori wrasse and 2m long Queensland grouper, not to mention the resident turtles and sea snakes, all spotted... this site lived up to it's reputation as the #1 site in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef: Wheeler Reef


Mike Ball's Spoilsport,
Nov 2005

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Great Barrier Reef: Yongala Wreck


Mike Ball's Spoilsport,
Nov 2005
The SS Yongala sank in 1911, More Info

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Brampton Island Snorkeling


Great Barrier Reef,
Nov 2005

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100 Best Things to Do in Australia


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