Yacht-O-Fun located at Pier 121, Lewisville lake.
Dallas - Fort Worth - DFW, Texas



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38' Sport Yacht Cruiser

Marina privileges to "members only" bathrooms and showers

$250 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours

Yacht-O-Fun located at Pier 121 - 972-625-2233

Gas is expensive,

DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF by The Weekend Warriors claiming to be a business!

WARNING, With gas being expensive, Some boaters want you to start paying for their fuel and fun,

Meet Up Groups, etc., if you are required to pay anything to get on board it is a rental.

Who is liable if you get hurt?

Know the company before you go: How long have they been in business?

Does the marina even know they are doing business? Call the marina office.

Do they have commercial Insurance, license, current TPWD inspection, pay sales tax, file taxes?

While some businesses are trying to make a living, obeying laws, filing taxes and paying commissions, some are just making slip rental payments or beer money. The weekend warrior may claim to be an actual USCG Captain But Does not mean they have experience with large groups, they are not approved by corps., marina or city to do business, They Do Not pay sales taxes, file taxes, not inspected or have proper commercial insurance. Please report them, this is theft. Most legitimate companies are trying to make an honest living with a large investment and liability, Please support them so they will be here for years to come for your entertainment and trust. Texas Game Wardens patrol the lake and give fines for infractions and you may lose your rental time if the people or craft do not have all required license and equipment.

Big D Cats Maxi Catamaran Chamonix II

Established in 2007 - Lake Lewisville - Pier 121

United States Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain's license

Contract with Pier 121, City of Lewisville and Corps of Engineers.

At 70 long x 32 ft. wide, Chamonix II is the largest sailing Catamaran in the State of Texas!

Chamonix II is a 2004 70-foot Gold Coast Catamaran with 2,380 square feet of party space. U.S. Coast Guard certified for 105 passengers. Chamonix II offers a safe, spacious environment for guests of all ages to experience the joy of catamaran sailing.  At 70 x 32 ft., Chamonix II is the Largest Sailing Catamaran in the State of Texas! This boat is the best boat for groups of 50 - 100 people. High winds? Not to worry as the boat is designed for the ocean, and the driver is a USCG-certified Captain.  No wind, no problem with twin engines. When spending more money on a larger vessel and organizing this large of a group, you want to know they won't cancel your reservation when other companies have to because it is unsafe to go out with high winds and waves on others' smaller boats.




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