Party Bus to Limo, My Private Driver caters to 1 - 50 passengers Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, DFW, Texas.

Dallas - Fort Worth - DFW, Texas


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My Private Driver

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Party Bus, Luxury Limousine, Personal Chauffeur, Designated Driver.

My Private Driver caters to parties 1 to 50 passengers.

NO DWI, NO parking hassle, NO valet expense

Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, DFW, Texas.



Don't Drink & Drive, Leave The Driving To Us!


Just Imagine! Having your Party Bus pick your group up all at the same time and same place, NO DWI's, parking hassles or getting lost! Continue your celebration aboard JT's Party Boat for a cruise around Lake Lewisville with food being catered by, drinks, music, dancing and not worrying about setup or cleanup and being safe on the road back to your original destination. Call JT's for all the details @ 972-292-1001, these 3 companies are independent but work together for you.


My Private Driver

We pioneered the Personal Chauffeur service in 2003. A Personal Chauffeur is often used as a Designated Driver in the evening and a Private Chauffeur during the day. Our clients have quickly learned the value and convenience a Personal Chauffeur brings to there world. 

The evenings are leisure time and your driver is there to ensure you have a great night and a safe night. We want you to relax and let your hair down, crank the music up and enjoy a cocktail. Besides the obvious of Drinking Smart and being responsible there are ancillary benefits to having your own driver.

  • NO parking hassle,

  • NO valet expense and

  • NO DWI…. Guaranteed.

During the day clients find many different uses for a Private Driver. Realtors use their driver to escort them and their buyer around town allowing them focus on their client instead of their GPS. Other clients use us to drive them to sales appointments or meetings in towns . Errand service, shopping, casino trips.

We GUARANTEE our service, we GUARANTEE your satisfaction!



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