Just For Fun Boat Rentals Lake Lewisville, Party Barge, Pontoon Boats, Jet Skis and Ski Boats Lake Lewisville, Grapevine Dallas, DFW, Texas.
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JT's Boat Rentals - Lewisville Lake

Private Boat Parties and 2-Hour Public Boat Rides!

We Specialize In Boats 1 To 50 passengers, Leave The Driving To Us!

Minutes From DFW Airport, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, Denton, Grapevine!

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Just For Fun Boat Rentals

Located Only At Sneaky Pete's, Garden Ridge 454B exit

Lewisville Lake, Lewisville, Texas.

Jet Skis, Recreational Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Barge

Pier 121 and Lake Grapevine Locations are Closed.


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Single Engine Party Barge, with 1 - 60hp or 90hp engine.

A Double Deck Floating Dock, 40' L x 14' W Fenced Area

1 - 50 passengers - 3-hour minimum @

$195 Per Hour Min. 3hrs. = $585 + Tax., Stereo?


Did not find what you want?  See Below For More Rentals!

Compare local boat company, boat sizes, equipment and prices!

Click on Pictures and compare crafts!

There is a boat for everyone or every event, the choice is yours:

Don't care all you want to do is go a short distance off shore, swim, get drunk, rough house and Do Not expect to cruise around or need anything nice, The Barge will work, it is very basic. Be realistic...if a 40' party barge only has a single engine and square dock blocks for floatation, don't be surprised or get mad that it is slow (even when empty) and only found a short distance from their dock, it is a floating dock and not designed to go anywhere far from the docks.


Just For Fun Party Barges

Single Engine Party Barge, with 1 - 60hp or 90hp engine.

A Double Deck Floating Dock, 40' L x 14' W Fenced Area

1 - 50 passengers - 3-hour minimum @

$195 Per Hour Min. 3hrs. = $585 + Tax., Stereo?


BUT if you want to look good, have nice, safe, clean equipment and cruise around the lake and make a good impression to friends and family, then a Party Boat (Below) will work for you.  Either Way Enjoy and Be Safe on Our Lakes.


JT's Party Boats

Twin Engine Party Boat, Single Deck 40' L x 12' W, Fenced Area

1 - 35 passengers - 3-hour minimum

6 speakers power by w/600 watt amp. &

a 12" sub power by 250 watt amp.


Twin Engine Party Boat, Single Deck 50' L x 16' W, Fenced Area

1 - 50 passengers - 3-hour minimum

8 speakers power by w/600 watt amp. &

2 x 10" sub power by 400 watt amp.

JT's Party Boat Rentals - Lake Lewisville -

Established in 2002 - Garden Ridge 454B exit off I-35E Lewisville, Texas.

(Please click on the link above for Company Website, Price and Information)

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Our Boats are Multi-Hulls (Motor Catamarans), The 1 story/single deck boat was chosen for safety and keeping your party all together and no stairs to slip and fall. Planning a party, company meeting / event, wedding, Seniors' outings, school classes, swim parties, Quinsieras, Bar Mitzvahs, graduation or family reunion? When you want to entertain family and friends and make a Good Impression, Don't settle for just anything, Hire one of the nicest, cleanest, safest, most well equipped Party Boats in Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and North Texas!


JT's Has 2 Custom Made Party Boats rated 1 to 50 passengers:

(Click on Pictures or links below for company website for prices and information)


40' Long x 12' Wide See Breeze

Motor Catamaran (1 to 40 passenger) weight capacity 9000lbs,

2 x 90-hp 4-stroke engines. This boat is great for groups 1 - 35 people.


50' Long x 16' Wide See Breeze 2

Motor Trimaran (1 - 50 passengers) weight capacity 12,000 lbs.,

2 x 225-hp engines. This boat is great for 1 - 50 people, plenty of room even to dance!


Week Day Specials Too, with 2hr minimum!

Come visit us @ www.JTsBoatRentals.com for more information.

Our 2 large party boats have quiet twin 4-stroke engines, single story was chosen to maximize safety and floor space and be able to go under bridges, great stereos with amps and subs, CD/MP-3, I-pod connections, LED party lights, clean restrooms, driver, crew and gas Included.

Stay out after sunset, no worries about getting lost or being late with our professional driver on board.

Large ice chest (bring ice), trash can and all required safety gear will be on board on all boats.

Available 7 days a week 10 am - 11:30 pm, March - October On Lewisville Lake,

Just Minutes from Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Grapevine, DFW Metro Areas! 





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