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Riviera Pacific Management, Inc.


Vacation Rentals | Long and Short Term Rental Management Company
Gorgona | Coronado | Panama City | Republic of Panama
Riviera Pacific Management | Panama Vacation Rentals | Panama Property Management
Serving Gorgona, Coronado, The Republic of Panama.
We Do Not Recommend This Company To Anyone!
Need a management company to oversee your Panama property? Go some where else.
Make sure you go to a real business and not someone doing business out of their home.
The one thing we have learned is that everyone wants to be a property manager as they claim they are the greatest in the world with all their contacts to get referrals from everyone so no problem renting your apartment. When you go to check them out you find they have Facebook with very little posts or activity and a small website with almost zero advertising. 
We showed up as scheduled after having a 6-month renter for the third year who was arranged from the previous manager (who returned to Canada) only to find bugs in the light fixtures, bulbs missing or burnt out plus dirty floors when walking barefoot your feet were black, and the kitchen counter top, oven hood, etc. were full of grease.
We no longer have this 6-month renter since whatever was said caused the renter to not want to return as in previous years.
We also had unauthorized surcharges that were not in our management contract that were not reversed after 3 months of notification that these extra charges were not approved.  For this reason we terminated our management contract with RPM besides the fact that both owners did not keep their word regarding paying land taxes and income tax returns.
Here is example of being unprofessional, one of the owners kept speaking Spanish to the other owner knowing I do not speak Spanish ( just an FYI she speaks English), would not speak to me at all and when I said something about it she did not even acknowledge me and went on speaking to the other owner in Spanish, it was one insult after another insult, talk about disrespect to the people that hired them. I glad my wife speaks Spanish, no telling what they would have said.
There is just to much drama and to many issues with this group, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else, they are a waste of time, money and energy.
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