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 Panama Newsletter By Liz!

The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and unbiased guide to retiring in Panama- easily, legally, and happily. Includes everything you need to know- without the sugarcoat. 

Where was this guide when I was first visiting Panama? Oh, that's right- I hadn't written it yet. Forget generic travel books- this guide has all the tips and tricks that took me years to figure out.

What are you afraid of, anyway? Whatever it is, I bet it's addressed in this summary of my clients' "FFQs."

Which is a better place to live, Panama or Costa Rica? As it turns out, there is no "right" answer- but there is a right answer for you. 

Ever wonder exactly what type of person decides to live abroad? Hint: It's not at all what you assumed. 

Thanks again for joining me as I strive to navigate and translate Panama for us all. It's great to have you along!

Liz Larroquette

Panama Cell: +507 6981-1717 
USA Cell: (214) 736-9253 



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