Radnov Roofing and Construction Company The Colony serving Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW, Texas.
Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW, Texas


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Radnov Roofing and Construction
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5910 Paige Rd F
The Colony, Texas 75056

Radnov Roofing is a family owned business and has been operating since 1970. We repair all types of damaged roofing due to severe weather usually related to hail or wind.  Our company specializes in asphalt, tile, wood, metal, flat and commercial roofing.

Your roof takes a beating all year long whether it is from severe storms or the heat of the Texas sun. Many people are unaware that their roof may be damaged or that it might qualify as a roof that should be replaced by your insurance company

It is our job to inspect your home for possible damage and tell you if it is something that can be handled with a simple repair, or if it is something more serious that requires us to work with your insurance company to help you get the coverage you need.  Dealing with insurance can be a confusing process.  Let us represent you in dealing with your insurance company much the same way an attorney would represent and guide you through the judicial process.




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