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Welcome To DFW Town Guide

A Business Directory for Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and North Texas


Hello, My name is Joe Watson, Owner and Publisher of DFW Town Guide.

DFW Town Guide is an online business directory created in 2005.

In the beginning (1999,) it was all about link exchanges between companies.

Having back links on the internet made your business more popular in search engines.

I was one of the original creators of Town-Mall.net in 1999 which was an online business directory before they became popular.

In 2001 we created JT's Boat Rentals which had a strong website that everyone wanted to exchange links with, but I realized that having non-relevant links did not help.

In 2005 I started DFW Town Guide, adding all our business friends in an organized manner. By doing this it was making the link exchange more relevant for my friends whom I was listing. Over the years it was becoming more popular for business owners to send a request for inclusion into the site. After 16 years and the selling of JT's Boat Rentals, I will continue to maintain and grow this directory to share my knowledge with you. 

Today, there are so many offers and so many options to choose - from very expensive to very cheap, so what is the right or wrong choice? You don't want to spend all your time posting on social media if you are trying to run a business, and you cannot afford to pay an advertising company to do all your advertising. So where do my services come in?

But 1st, let me say this, we do not build websites nor do we do your social media or marketing stay with the one you are happy with and trust.

Our Primary Focus is:

  • YOU - the start-ups, mom & pop shops to the small or medium-sized companies and even the companies that have been around awhile. If you are a business, we can help.

  • Our focus is creating a business directory where you can be found.

  • We build business pages optimized to be found on the internet search engines.

  • Providing you with a relevant back link by building your company a business page.

  • Helping you get organized by advising or making recommendations

Our Secondary Focus is:

  • Selling advertising as we have Enhanced Business Listings and Banner Space.

  • Marketers, SEO and Webmasters are Welcome, we are not your competition but a vehicle to better serve your clients. Contact us for more information on how to be vendor.

  • Visit our page here for inclusion and prices

Many business owners ask me to evaluate and help them with their online presence.

I help businesses to be found on the internet.
Why is my service so inexpensive compared to everyone else?
Simply put, I've been there - a start-up without any knowledge or budget, and I want to give back to the DFW business community.

Thanks Again, Joe Watson


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